Loan Officer Job Description Sample

A job description helps potential applicants identify relevant positions that would be a good fit for their skillset. Use this template to get started.
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Example job summary

A successful job summary will provide applicants with a strong introduction to your company and the role. Use positive and active language that sums up the advertised role and your company. Include an exact location, or mention if the location is remote.

Example Loan Officer job summary

Our lending firm is seeking to employ a seasoned Loan Officer for contributing to the processing of loan applications and validate the credit worthiness of our clients. The ideal candidate will have to discuss with clients different loan requirements and info, suggest the most appropriate loans per case e.g business loans, help clients apply for a full package and collaborate with the underwriting department to complete the loan procedure. Candidates with past experience in processing home equity, mortgage and small business loans will have an advantage over others.

Loan Officer responsibilities

This section should convey the most important duties for the role. Highlight any responsibilities that may be unique to the role or particularly interesting for potential applicants. It’s also beneficial to describe how the role fits into the larger organization.

Example Loan Officer responsibilities

  • Assess client loan applications and estimate credit scores
  • Meet and speak with customers online and offline about different loan packs and specifications, based on their case
  • Check incoming loan applications and look for lacks or discrepancies and request additional documentation when necessary
  • Complete loan agreements, after discussing the terms and specifications with the client
  • Ensure that loan applications are kept safely on a P.C database and remain confidential
  • Perform research on industry news, new legislation and participates in educational events

Loan Officer requirements

This section should list the essential qualities of an ideal candidate. Include previous work experience, education or achievements that would be beneficial. And list any preferred hard and soft skills.

Example Loan Officer requirements

  • BS Degree in Finance
  • 3+ years in processing home equity, mortgage, and small business loans is preferred
  • Fluency in MS Office and financial databases
  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Solid professional judgement when assessing client's credit worthiness
  • Valid Registration in the National Mortgage License System & Registry

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