Leasing Agent Job Description Sample

A job description helps potential applicants identify relevant positions that would be a good fit for their skillset. Use this template to get started.
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Example job summary

A successful job summary will provide applicants with a strong introduction to your company and the role. Use positive and active language that sums up the advertised role and your company. Include an exact location, or mention if the location is remote.

Example Leasing Agent job summary

Our firm is wishing to hire a Lease Agent for the demonstration and leasing of properties to lessors. We own and work a 400-unit property in the heart of the town and as a hired Leasing Agent, you will be responsible for demonstrating our property to lessors and act as mediator between our administration office and existing or new property renters. Advertising and promoting materials concerning our properties are also part of your duties. Additionally, you are expected to collaborate with other leasing agents on a varied schedule and report to the leasing manager. If hired, you can also benefit from our lucrative rent prices and excellent bonuses.

Leasing Agent responsibilities

This section should convey the most important duties for the role. Highlight any responsibilities that may be unique to the role or particularly interesting for potential applicants. It’s also beneficial to describe how the role fits into the larger organization.

Example Leasing Agent responsibilities

  • Arrange meeting with potential renters and showcase them the property
  • Prepare and implement leasing contracts based on our company's policies and state legislation
  • Advertise and promote our properties using various online and offline channels
  • Gather application fees, rent payments, and safety depots
  • Arrange property maintenance and property checks
  • Communicate with property renters after leasing and build relationships of trust

Leasing Agent requirements

This section should list the essential qualities of an ideal candidate. Include previous work experience, education or achievements that would be beneficial. And list any preferred hard and soft skills.

Example Leasing Agent requirements

  • High School or GED Diploma is mandatory
  • 3+ years of past working experience as a leasing agent
  • Fluency in MS office
  • Ability to research current leasing market and trends
  • Excellent customer service and communication skills
  • BS in real estate is also a big plus

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