IT Project Manager Job Description Sample

A job description helps potential applicants identify relevant positions that would be a good fit for their skillset. Use this template to get started.
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Example job summary

A successful job summary will provide applicants with a strong introduction to your company and the role. Use positive and active language that sums up the advertised role and your company. Include an exact location, or mention if the location is remote.

Example IT Project Manager job summary

Our fast-expanding company wishes to employ a seasoned IT Project Manager that will be in charge of our network and server systems (covering all departments of our company). A great part of your duties will involve planning of technical projects, supervising IT technicians, follow IT data security protocols and tasks, and conducting system audits of adopted technologies. If you are a qualified IT professional with proven experience, stellar analytical and organizational skills, and ability to lead others with respect to company's strategic goals, schedules, and budget, we would love to hear from you.

IT Project Manager responsibilities

This section should convey the most important duties for the role. Highlight any responsibilities that may be unique to the role or particularly interesting for potential applicants. It’s also beneficial to describe how the role fits into the larger organization.

Example IT Project Manager responsibilities

  • Generate technology strategic plans
  • Merge IT technologies within the organization to ensure peak performance
  • Supervise IT staff and collaborates with HR managers to recruit, train and test IT employees
  • Completes IT projects through efficient coordination of resources and employee schedules
  • Achieves financial objectives through accurate cost projections of IT requirements
  • Maintains resources and ensures their protection through back-ups and detailed plans of prompt recovery

IT Project Manager requirements

This section should list the essential qualities of an ideal candidate. Include previous work experience, education or achievements that would be beneficial. And list any preferred hard and soft skills.

Example IT Project Manager requirements

  • BS Degree in IT, Computer Science, or relevant field
  • CASP Accreditation is preferred
  • Proven experience in IT project management or similar position
  • Expert knowledge of MS Office, Google Apps management, and network management.
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Ability to explain complex technical aspects to both technical-literate and less technical-literate audiences

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